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The 90-Day Body and Mind Total Transformation

Do you want to and lose weight from a place of empowerment rather than restriction, deprivation and struggle? Give me 90-days and I’ll show you how to lose the weight and stop dieting, so that you can start living— full out.
I’m a certified holistic health coach and I’ve been there too. Pushing myself too hard, eating too little, focusing only on the foods I think I “should” eat, chastising myself for screwing-up, and depriving myself of the things that truly nourished me— mind, body and soul.
We are constantly bombarded by messages about healthy eating, weight and how our bodies should look. We are taught to shrink, play small, and hide our flaws in an attempt to project perfection. But what if we could bust through paralyzing perfectionism and live full out, from a place of love, appreciation, health and full-expression— even with our flaws and at any size?

You’re In The Right Place If:

o   You’ve lost and regained the same 5, 10, or 50 pounds over and over again.
o   You feel like dieting is a part-time job and want an easier way to be healthy.
o   You feel stuck— and unmotivated, and before you know it you are elbow deep in a bag of chips.
o   No matter how many times you tell yourself you won’t, you still overeat, give into cravings or binge yourself sick.
o   You’re constantly chastising yourself because you’re “lazy” and “have no willpower”.
o   You’re tired having your mood dictated by the number on the scale.
o   Or maybe, you work incredibly hard at your health and fitness goals, diligently counting every calorie and religiously hitting the gym, but then self-sabotage with a screw-it-all binge.
So, if you are ready for something different than the same old starvation diets, if you are ready for more flexibility and less rigidity, and to change from a place of love rather than shame, blame and negative self talk this program is for you.
Chances are you’ve tried a lot of programs out there looking for that “perfect” diet that will make it all better. The truth is there is no one perfect diet.
The key to a healthy and sustainable diet is to find healthy foods that YOU love to eat and that leave you with all the energy you need to play full out. It really can be that simple.

Let me guess, you are your own harshest critic?

Let’s turn your inner gremlin into an ally!
This program is not about being perfect. It is about choosing to learn from your mistakes rather than beating yourself up over what you think you “should” be doing. It’s about radical self-love and letting you be you, rather than trying to fit into some cookie cutter version of you.
See, living authentically is not about being perfect— it’s not about having the perfect body, food plan, or even the perfect career or partner. It is about living in a way that is an expression of who you truly are (not who you think you “should” be). It’s about appreciating where you are and where you’ve come from— even if things feel messy or incomplete.
What radically changed my health and allowed me to make the best choices for myself, was when I stopped trying to live according to everyone else’s rules.
I let go of paralyzing perfectionism and ditched deprivation. Instead, I focused on how food made me feel. I worked on consistency. I kept the tips, tricks and tools that worked for me and dropped the rest.  I celebrated my progress rather than beat myself up for my failings. Eventually my health was different because my mindset was different. In the end I lost 20+ pounds (have kept it off for more than 5 years) eating more food than ever.

This program is for you, if:

o   You want to love your body (and the skin you are in, at any size), and lose weight without deprivation and struggle.
o   You want to jumpstart your weight loss without gimmicks, starvation, fad diets, or pill-popping.
o   You want to slim down and shape up without negative self-talk (a.k.a. turn your inner gremlin into an ally).
o   You want to supercharge your fitness goals and find exercise or movement that rocks for you.
o   You want to find a fun, flexible and healthy way to eat that supports your life and your ambitions.
o   You want to boost your energy so you can play full-out in all areas of your life.
o   You want to overcome emotional eating, take charge of cravings, stop bingeing, and eliminate mindless munching.
o   You want to tune into your intuition, have more emotional range, and discover what deeply nourishes you— mind, body and soul.
This program will give you all the tips, tricks, and tools to live a healthy and inspired life.
How you do one thing is how you do everything. This program is best for those who want to dig deep and make powerful changes to support not only their health, but all areas of their life.

What is the 90-day Mind and Body Total Transformation?

The Mind and Body Total Transformation is a 90-day program for women who want to love their bodies and make progress on their health and fitness goals from a place of empowerment, full expression, love and appreciation.
This program is an opportunity to bust through limiting beliefs about what is possible for your life, and let go of judgments about your body, weight, and physical abilities— so that you can do less dieting and more living. We will tackle emotional eating, cravings, and find a fun, flexible and healthy way for you to eat that supports your life and your ambitions.
Let’s face it. You don’t need more advice— you need a coach can help guide your transformation on a deeper level.

What is included?

  • Twelve 40-minute phone sessions with Melissa a TCM (Transformational Coaching Method) certified Master Coach.
  • Weekly session emails with all the session details and handouts.

And to sweeten the deal:

  • You’ll get my “Whole Foods Eating Guide!” as soon as you sign-up (available only to Mind and Body Total Transformation clients).
  • And, get the Reset Recharge Renew 28-Day DIY program ($97 value FREE). This downloadable program is full of a ton of info on healthy living, radical self-care, and how to have an empowered mindset. Plus get a ton of clean eating recipes that will help you get cooking.


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This is so much more than just a cookie cutter food plan. Don’t believe me, check out the testimonials below…


I am so ecstatic over my nutrition sessions with Melissa. It has honestly been a HUGE life changer for me. I signed up looking to learn more about nutrition, but Melissa is such an amazing coach. I never had any idea how empowering and impactful this program would be for me. I am experiencing so many positive changes in my life… including the easiest weight loss I have ever experienced. I never dreamed this program would work for me the way it has. I am through 5 sessions and I have lost 8 pounds.
– Jerri (California)

Melissa’s style is empowering, knowledgeable, hilarious, insightful, patient, encouraging & realistic. She was able to help me recognize counter-productive patterns of behavior and let go of paralyzing perfectionism. I feel more happy and calm. I feel more in control of my life and am able to make decisions differently when I recognize that perfectionism is in the way of my happiness and productivity.  She enabled me with scientific and practical information about nutrition, hormones, exercising, sleeping and learning to listen to my mind and body.
– Leyla (Vancouver/New York)

I am heading to my 20th pound and I just love the way we eat now! Such great food. I never knew it could be this great! I love learning about all the new foods.
–Michele (Oregon)

It’s time to fall back in love with your body and all that it can do for you. It’s time to let go of the struggle and fall back in love with your life.

What if you stopped feeling stuck and frustrated and lost the weight instead?

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